Case Studies



Stratford Beautification Project - Silas, Joshua and Jehu

IMG 0914

Three Stratford teenagers are designing their future as well as their town’s centre...

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Accelerator - Iyarna

IMG 7897

Iyarna Schuler credits a brush with the law for...

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Accelerator - Taine

IMG 7909

The world is your oyster...

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MPTT - Cindy

IMG 7990

Cindy Leong is proof it’s never too late to...

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MPTT - Zaine


Zaine Rogers shapes up as one of the best at beating the odds...

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MPTT - Josh


Straight from school to the meat works – all Joshua Makea wanted at 16 was a bit of...

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Build a Bach - Liam

IMG 7903

Liam Short is certainly making the most of his opportunity...

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Build a Bach - Caleb

IMG 7906

In just over a year Caleb Stachurski has hammered out a flourishing career built on...

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Licence to Work - media release


The Licence to Work pilot is well underway in Auckland and will be rolled out to Taranaki in 2017...

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Licence to Work - Sita


Sita holds NCEA Level 2, a driving licence and, a Licence to Work. She's ready for employment....

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3+2 Outdoors - Abbie

IMG 0920

Abbie Hinton never considered herself much of a thrill seeker, but...

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3+2 Outdoors - William


Having two teachers as parents, it was perhaps inevitable that...

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Got a Trade - Taranaki Careers Expo


‘Got a Trade? Got it Made!’ is what it’s called, and that pretty much sums up the campaign...

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