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Employers in the IT industry struggle to find employees who hold modern technology skills and interpersonal qualities to operate effectively in an ever-changing landscape. In this industry, more than most, current education programmes fail to evolve quickly enough. Students have often found that what they have learned became irrelevant by the time they have completed their courses.

Proformac Technologies grappled with this when looking to employ additional, suitably-equipped staff. To bridge the gap between study and work-readiness, Learner Me’s ProCamp was crafted as the solution to the industry’s struggle.

Students will be trained and supported over the course of the 16-week programme, taking place in a simulated office environment. Real skills and problem solving are taught using modern tools and systems, including:

In the IT industry project-based experience and the proven ability to create results are valued over degrees and diplomas time after time.

The ProCamp is designed for:

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