Taranaki Futures is an incorporated Charitable Trust (Taranaki Futures Trust Incorporated) registered with both the Companies Office (1513836) and Charities Register (CC23304).   

It was formed from the former Education Taranaki Trust Inc, and has undertaken re-branding, constitutional review and a strengthened Trust Board, to support the new direction of Taranaki Futures.

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Our Logo

The Taranaki Futures logo is based on the idea of turning a corner and finding a new path.  Whether in life or vocational competencies its the changing of direction that leads to new challenges, skills and opportunities.

The folded arrow icon, presented in Taranaki colours, also visually forms part of the F of futures.

On its own as an icon, the arrow and direction aspects remain it's strongest communication "onward and upward".

Taranaki Futures logo symbol

Te Ara Whanui a Tane

Te Ara Whanui a Tane means the broad path of Tane, which is the path by which spirits of the dead return to the original homeland, whence they pass to the underworld. It is the oldest path in the world; as Maori put it e hara i te ara hou as old as the first days of Tane; it is the trail all must lift and traverse to its uttermost limit.  The Broad Way of Tane is the gleaming sun glade, the path laid down by Tane for his descendants to traverse. 
For Taranaki Futures Te Ara Whanui a Tane captures the essence of seeking a path to a brighter world, that leads to future success.


 Taranaki Futures logo